About Us

Welcome to Atletis Sports!! Where it’s Atletis All the Way!

We are an independent sports broadcasting and media production company consisting of every type of person from high school freshmen to graduate students, experienced business managers to graphic designers, and everything in between. We strive to maintain a community of like minded individuals who are passionate about sports and wish to share that experience of enjoying the different games with each other. If you feel you can contribute to this growing start up company or just desire personalized sports content by sports fans for sports fans, please consider Atletis Sports for all your sporting news!

Meet our Staff!!!

  • Head of Graphic Design: Matthew Morales
  • Operations Manager: Miguel Orellana
  • Head of Human Resources: Lorenz Delcastillo
  • Creative Director: Jorge Larrea Jr.
  • Online Content Manager: Jack Berney

Come join the team and contribute to something special.