John Collins suspended for 25 games, what does this mean for the Hawks?

On Tuesday, November 5th, it was announced that John Collins would be suspended for 25 games this season as he tested positive for growth hormones. This is obviously a huge blow to the Hawks team, as Collins became a center-piece in their rebuilding process with his explosive scoring and defensive capabilities. Saying the NBA community and fans were shocked to learn about this is an understatement, as it’s unclear if this was an one-time accidental event, or if Collins has been using for the duration of his career.

Collins has stated that he will appeal the suspension so he is able to continue playing. He has also made a statement regarding the suspension, stating that he took a supplement and it must have had the hormone in it without him knowing, as he is very careful about what he puts in his body.

With Collins suspended, the Hawks lose their secondary scoring option behind Trae Young, and they also lose one of their biggest defensive presences, as Collins was emerging as one of the NBA’s best young two-way players.

We will keep you updated as more information comes out regarding the situation, as it is a new event and the story is still ongoing.

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