The 5 Biggest Surprises after Week 1 of the NBA Season

With the first week of the NBA season wrapped up, teams will start to settle into a groove or start to slump terribly, all depending on talent and team chemistry. But, that doesn’t mean that there can’t be some surprises to start the season out, and in this article, we’re going to talk about what I think are the 5 biggest ones from week 1.

Number 1: Golden State’s 0-2 start

The Warriors still had very high expectations coming into this season even with losing Boogie, Durant, and Klay to either injury or free agency. They still had Steph, Draymond, and they added D’Angelo Russell to the team as well. But, they had obvious chemistry and talent issues as beside those 3 and Willie Cauley-Stein, they’re playing a lot of young role players heavy minutes. This has led to them starting the season 1-2, including losing the first 2 games to the Clippers and Thunder respectively. They have the worst defensive rating in the NBA currently and are only 10th in points scored. People thought that they would surely decline, but they didn’t think they would be THIS bad in the first week.

The Rockets early chemistry

The Rockets are currently 2-1 on the season, as their only loss so far came on their opening night as they lost to the Bucks by a score of 111-117. They have since taken advantage of teams that are not as good as they have faced New Orleans and Oklahoma City since. They have not scored below 110 points in any of their 3 games and are currently sitting at 7th in the NBA in offensive rating. Their defense isn’t anything to shout about, but that’s not the Rockets identity anymore with the exception of their centers. When you score that much, defense is not as important as it is with other teams.

Minnesota starts off 3-0

The Timberwolves are one of the biggest let-down teams of recent memory as they consistently under-perform in the regular season even though they have amazing young talent. That young talent is starting to shine, though, as Wiggins is averaging 20.7 points through 3 games, and KAT is averaging 32 points. They’re playing off of their stars really well and are still getting reliable help from their bench so far. They were able to do this while facing teams like Brooklyn and Miami, so it’s not like they’re just beating up on bad teams. They face their first real challenge in Philadelphia in their next game, though, so let’s see if they can keep that same production up and keep the wins rolling.

Derrick Rose

If it was 2016 again, and I were to tell you that Derrick Rose would be averaging over 20 points a game after the first week in the 2020 season, do you think you would believe me? Probably not, but look where we are now. Rose has been very impressive in his first few games for the Pistons, with a season high 31 points coming against the 76’ers while he also shot 67% from the field. He cooled off in his most recent game against the Pacers, though, but still hit double digits with 10 points. If D-Rose keeps these numbers up, he might be returning to the all-star game come February.

Trae Young

Trae Young finished 2nd in Rookie of the Year voting last year, losing to Luka Doncic. This year, Trae is really stepping up his game, and his first 3 games show it. He is averaging 34 points per game between those 3 games, all while shooting over 50% from the field. He will eventually cool down a little bit, but he still will be one of the league’s most dangerous scorers as he has proven this year that he can hit from pretty much anywhere past the half-court line, as he already has 2 logo shots this year. If he has this kind of production throughout the year and is able to lead the Hawks to the playoffs this year, we could be talking about MVP Finalist possibilities for Young come next year.

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