The Truest of True All-NBA Decade Teams

Recently, released 3 5-man squads that they labeled the “all-decade teams”, and there has been much backlash over the players picked, and what team they were put on. Such as Chris Paul being on 2nd team, Kobe Bryant being on the third, and Dwyane Wade being on the third team. Being on these teams should be earned with your talent and with winning, not just a couple of moments and a recognizable name.

So, in this article, I’m gonna make an accurate All-NBA decade teams list with all 3 teams. I will take into account rings, winning, and overall stats throughout the decade. Here is a link to’s article about the decade teams that stirred up all the controversy:

3rd Team

Chris Paul– He doesn’t really deserve to be on the 2nd team. Paul hasn’t won a ring or even appeared in the Finals in his entire career, let alone this past decade. Not a good defender, and only great at passing and steals. He’s a good scorer, but not a great one.

Kobe Bryant– Kobe had a rough time past 2013, as he sustained 22 separate injuries in that time. This is just more of a nostalgia pick as Kobe retired with 60 points in his final game, but throughout the whole decade, he was not worthy of anything higher than 3rd team.

Giannis Antetokounmpo– Giannis is a beast, but he hasn’t been in the league long enough to be higher than this. He has an MVP already, and is on pace to win more than just that single one. But like Kobe, you need longevity to be higher up, and that’s why I have him ranked third team.

LeMarcus Aldridge– LeMarcus is just a very consistent player, but he doesn’t really have anything to show for it. He has no titles, no MVP’s, no awards, and no real respect from the fans. Which is a shame because he really is great. But because of the lack of hardware in the decade, he has to be put on the 3rd team.

Dirk Nowitzki– Dirk is another player that fell to the test of time. He was great in the early half of the decade, but then his age caught up to him and he played at a lesser quality each year. His championship win in 2014, as well as the legacy get him on the 3rd team.

2nd Team

Russell Westbrook- Don’t get me wrong, Russ would easily be first team if he had won a ring. But, I believe that 2nd team is a good place for him. He is a former MVP, has averaged a triple double in the past 3 seasons, and is one of the most energetic players of all time. Had he won a ring and lived up to his teams’ potentials, he would definitely be 1st team.

Klay Thompson- I don’t get how they didn’t involve Klay in these teams. It just goes to show you how truly underrated Klay is. The man is a 3-time champion, a starter on the team with the most wins in a single season, and is one of the best 3-point shooters of all time. He has also appeared in multiple all-star games, and just suffered his first injury that will take more than a week to heal (proving how durable he is). Not putting Klay on the 2nd team just seems disrespectful, but he doesn’t have the star power to reach 1st team.

Kawhi Leonard- This one is a bit of a hot take, as Kawhi is one of the best players in the league right now. But, when I think about the best 5 players of the decade, I think about the best players for the entire decade, not just most of it. Kawhi was practically unnoticed in the league until 2014 (3 years after he was drafted), sat out a full year even though he was medically cleared, and then left 2 teams to form a super-team on the Clippers. I don’t think he has been dominant long enough to be considered for the 1st team all-decade roster.

DeMarcus Cousins- Boogie is a player that, until injury, had been dominant for over an entire decade. He has put up some of the craziest stat lines in the modern NBA, as he could seem to put up 50 points and 20 rebounds on any given night. Had he not been on bad teams every year before he tore his Achilles, I believe that he could have definitely won an MVP.

Anthony Davis- Davis is another player that, like Russ, would definitely have an argument to be higher had it not been for his lack of hardware. He has a Rookie of the Year award to his name, as well as all-star appearances, but that’s it. I think that in the 20’s (wow, that’s weird to say), he will definitely show his dominance a lot more, and will get some recognition for it with some titles and awards.

1st Team

Steph Curry- I don’t feel I really need to explain myself here. Steph is the greatest shooter of all time. There’s no question about it, as he set the record for 3-pointers made, and then broke it the next year by over 100 shots. The guy is just really good at basketball, and has the rings and MVP trophies to back it up.

James Harden- James Harden has been playing at MVP-level play for too long to not put him on this list. Ever since he was traded from OKC, he looked like somebody who was destined to win the award at some point, and he did. It only gets more amazing as he ages, as he puts up the most impressive stat lines I’ve ever seen in the modern era. Had he either been given time to play longer in OKC, or had a better front office in Houston, he would have some titles as well.

Dwyane Wade- D-Wade is the 3rd greatest shooting guard of all time, behind MJ and Kobe. But, the difference there is that Wade had the prime of his career in the 2010’s. With 2 rings, and 4 straight finals appearances, Wade had a very underrated decade. He started to fall off a bit, but he realized it was time to retire, unlike Kobe who I believe held on too long.

LeBron James- He’s LeBron. He’s a freak of nature that made the NBA Finals 8 years in a row starting in 2010. This man is the NBA, and brought viewership to the NBA Finals every year. With 3 championships, and 3 MVP’s in this decade, LeBron definitely deserves this spot.

Kevin Durant- Many people consider KD to be the best player in the NBA right now. While I don’t believe he is the best player, I believe that you can make a valid argument for it and not have people think you’re clinically insane. With 2 titles and an MVP, as well as 4 scoring titles and 2 Finals MVP’s in this decade, I believe that KD is undoubtedly a top-5 player in this past decade.

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