2019-2020 Vancouver Canucks Expectations

After their recent acquisitions of Tyler Myers, J.T Miller, Michael Ferland, the Canucks are coming into the season with high expectations and no room for error. GM Jim Benning is also in danger of losing his job if the Canucks don’t make it to the playoffs this season. So let’s take a look at the depth chart, prospects, and my expectations for them.


Depth Chart


J.T Miller-E.Pettersson-B.Boeser












New Additions 

The Canucks team this year is more experienced, tough, and more playoff-ready than the previous years. They added a 6’7 defensemen in Myers that can give the defense a boost and give you upside of 40-50 points. Also, they acquired guys like Miller and Ferland that can protect your younger guys like Pettersson while still scoring 40-60 points a season. These players make the Canucks a better team and can boost them to the playoffs.



After using their 10th overall pick to select Vasily Podkolzin, the Canucks easily have one of the best prospect pools in the league. Hughes, Podkolzin, DiPietro, and Hoglander have elite potential and they can all be stars in their respective positions. While others like Jett Woo, Kole Lind, Focht, and Utunen can be third line complementary players very shortly.

Needless to say, the Canucks have a very exciting young core and the future is bright for the Canucks


My Expectations

This season will be unlike any other season in the past four years for the Canucks. They’ve been in the bottom of the rankings for 4 straight years and I believe its time for them to make the playoffs. This is their 50th year and they must believe in themselves to go out there and play good hockey. Everyone in Canucks Nation is off team tank and on team playoffs. I see them going to at least the first round and maybe into the conference finals if everyone performs well. And if they don’t make the playoffs, as disappointed as everyone would be. The 2020 Draft Class is loaded with all-star caliber prospects. It’s a win-win for the Canucks and I don’t see them messing it up. 


Overall, this is a solid team from NHL talent to their prospect pool and I cannot wait to see what they can achieve this season.

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