The New Herro of South Beach

There were many nerves and butterflies for Miami Heat fans across the globe on draft night with the 13th overall pick. Every Heat fan was under the impression we were on our way to draft Kevin Porter Jr and begin to settle in the short rebuild. Pat Riley had different plans and chose Tyler Herro from Kentucky and I will be the first person to admit that the pick seemed like the wrong choice. After about a week and a half sitting on it I realize This was a great pick up for Miami and there is that sane potential Riley spoke about on draft night.

Tyler Herro handling the ball in a Summer League Game (Image courtesy ESPN)

Tyler Herro Stats:

Kentucky: 14.0 ppg – 4.5 rpg| 46% fg/ 35% fg

Over 5 hours of pure film on Herro there was a-lot to love and improve. His shooting is no question as Herro has the ability to shoot the lights out . One of the things that separates the Greatest shooter of all time from the regulars is the ability to set your feet at all times. If it’s a pull up, spot up or catch & shoot I trust Herro to knock it down as he has one of the best forms in the league even as a rookie. Herro brings the shooting Miami so desperately was missing this season as they had one of the top five worst offenses in the league. The ability to hit shots from outside consistently and can be a spark off the bench for the Heat looking to make some noise this season. Being a dominant scorer, he can help the heat take a couple steps to get closer to being a contender.

He is great at moving off the ball and putting himself in positions to score. Using ball screens to run around and get to open floor for a spot up three. He will fit perfectly in the Miami offense to a similar way the team used Ray Allen, Mike Miller and Wayne Ellington.  Running around freely around the court while letting the sets take form and the shooters get tot he open spot. This is where Herro steps in because Miami did not have a player that can consistently hit jump shots and is a walking bucket.  Herro has a strong tendency to go right but he can finish from both sides at the rim. A perfect target on the fast break to make some quick transition threes and the ability to create his own shot. There is some defensive potential but he needs to add more hustle to his game. In College and the Summer league i have seen him take plays off  on defense and just let guys blow past him.

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