Sleepers In the 2nd Round of 2019 NBA Draft

This list is no particular order this is simply my own formulated opinion based on the talent I have personally evaluated.

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1.Bol Bol- Denver 

Position: Center

Height: 7’2

College: Oregon

Stats 18-19 (9 Games) :21 ppg- 9.6 rpg- 2.7 bpg / 56% fg/- 52% 3p 

Bol Bol was always a great prospect but his very skinny body shape never attracted NBA scouts as much and to prove their theory of injuries he suffered a stress fracture just 9 games into his college career. Bol Bol has the entire package you need in an NBA center for today’s game minus the strength or weight to defend the post or bully players in the league down low in the post. The ability for big men to shoot from the perimeter is crucial in the league and Bol showed us his sniper skills on the court while shooting a deadly 52% from outside. Stretching the floor and at his height can help because he can take you off the dribble and finish at the basket with his freakish length. That is the same length he uses to be a valuable rim protector and for a big man can excel at defending the perimeter. A soft finish at the rim and an aggressive rebounder give you one of the best second chance scorers and a deadly target when you are running on the break. A majority of Bol’s points came from running his lanes on the fastbreak and either finishing a lob or getting a pass and getting the job done himself. With NBA training Bol will turn out to be an exceptional player and will need to put on a lot of weight to become effective defending and playing in the post. Jokic can give him all types of advice but especially on how to run the Nuggets offense and make the right passes so when Jokic comes off the floor the offense is in good hands.

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2. Kyle Guy- Sacramento

Position: Combo Guard 


College:  Virginia

Stats 18-19 (38 Games): 15.4 ppg – 4.5 rpg/ 44% fg/- 42% 3p 

Kyle Guy was an absolute steal at #55, I understand scouts don’t like when players stay more than two years in college because normally their game won’t translate to the NBA. Kyle has 100% heart in him and he plays with this fire and energy that just spreads around the court. You saw his Virginia teammates step up once he did in the National Championship and helped redeem themselves after the disappointing first-round exit the year before. He was also named the most outstanding player of the tournament after the victory over Texas -Tech.  There is so much Kyle Lowry in this young guard as he plays some tough defense and does whatever it takes to win. Possibly the best shooter in the second round overall as he can shoot lights out from the perimeter whether its a pull up three, spot-up three or dribble pull up in the mid-range. Guy hs active hands and is always looking to disrupt the passing lanes which in turn disrupts the opponent’s offense. His ability to shoot from outside is what has value because he can play the 2 and be a spot-up shooter while also having a point guard like mindset and be able to distribute the basketball and make the right plays. Sacramento has Deaaron Fox but I’m sure he can compete for the backup spot this year and don’t be surprised if he is playing 20-25 Minutes after the second half of the season because Virginia ran an NBA-type offense which will help Guy with his transition into the league.

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3. Carsen Edwards- Boston

Position: Point Guard

Height: 6’2

College: Purdue

Stats: 24.3 ppg- 3.6 rpg. 2.9 apg/ 39%fg- 35% 3p

There are 2 obvious reasons that Carsen Edwards slipped he’s 6’1 and did not show any true NBA point guard flashes of running an offense and his shot volume (19.5 fga). Edwards liked to shoot the ball a lot and at times it helped Purdue but other times it kept burying them into a deeper hole. The most promising thing with Edwards is his streaky shooting and his scoring potential in the NBA. Edwards can attack the basket and finish over the trees, get you with a step back to hit the mid-range and pull up the three in your face. He has the complete offensive package and his defense is decent but certainly needs to be polished if he wants to be a star in this league. Having spent three years in Purdue Edwards showed growth in his numbers and his game every year at Purdue and has been infamous for his ability to hit tough shots. Edwards and his ball handling have helped him in his ability to create his own shot and break his defender down. Being able to shoot off screens and attack of a dribble handoff will help him in the league. Boston is most likely losing Kyrie so if the roster stands he will be a back up for Terry Rozier and Boston will be in good hands. In my opinion, this was the biggest slip in this year’s draft as I projected a late first round pickup.  NBA training staffs will most likely help him with defense since he is so strong for his height to help him be a two-way point guard and also train him on running an NBA offense and pass the ball more willingly.

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